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How to make over your kitchen on a budget

If you’re heading into 2018 feeling tired of looking at your tired kitchen then we’re here to save the day. The kitchen is the heart of many homes, so a total overhaul may be disruptive (or just out of your budget) this year, but that doesn’t mean you’re short on options. We’ve pulled together some great tips on how to make a big difference on a small budget.

Change the cupboard doors

If you’re happy with the overall shape and design of your kitchen but are bored with how it looks then there’s no need to replace the entire units – just swap the doors. Choose off-the-shelf or custom-made options to immediately make over the entire feel of your kitchen. It’s simple and straightforward DIY-wise, just remove the old doors and screw on the new ones.

This way you can tap into many of the current kitchen trends for much less than a total refurb. Get involved in the metallic trend with the sleek and clean appeal of titanium look doors then accessorise with your metal cooking utensils tastefully displayed on the wall. This look also suits if you want to go super-minimalist for a cool and clean kitchen atmosphere.

If you’re looking for something cosier then there are bold colours like these chilli red replacement kitchen doors which will add spice to any décor. You could also choose the more traditional look of a warm wood door front, which are practical and adaptable and will allow for further revamping in the future in case you want to change the colours you use around them. It’s good value, easy and available to order now – what more do you need?

Add a stunning backsplash

The tiled or boarded area around your sink, known as the backsplash is a great aspect to make over for a big impact. Depending on how much you want to spend, and how crafty you are, this can take just a couple of hours but will make a huge difference. At the bottom end of the scale, you can choose readily available tile paint which will cover the old fittings in a couple of coats. These products are washable and durable so should go the distance in this hard-working corner of your kitchen.

The next step is to look at removing just the tiles and replacing them. Budget-friendly options include using old pallet wood or using beading boards to create a herringbone design. Other attractive looking options are using smaller tiles in a mosaic fashion, or even just getting new panels of stick-on tiles which you can use to directly cover the old ones. It’s amazing how much of a change these small details will create.

Refresh your lighting

New lighting is the last of our suggestions here and can completely refresh the look of your kitchen. Start at the lower end of the scale by simply replacing your lampshades to up or downlighters, or consider replacing the fittings with industrial-style open shades to be bang on trend for 2018. If you’ve got a little cash to play with then consult an electrician on easy ways to overhaul your current arrangements, such as longer drop-down cables.

Lighting under your cabinets can also make cooking in your kitchen a different experience. This could be installed while your cabinet doors are off for replacement and makes a surprising difference. Once in place these small lighting fixtures will let you see more of what you’re doing and make cooking more enjoyable. You can also choose plug-in sets that will run directly under your units but don’t require professional fitting. The choice is yours!

So if you’re sick of your kitchen’s appeal then don’t hang about in 2018, it’s easy to make a big change!

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How colour influences your cooking

The psychology of colour has a large role to play in your kitchen. The wavelengths of different colours have been proven to have an effect on your emotions and physical wellbeing. While trying to pick the perfect colour theme, consider the effect that certain colours will have on your mood and cooking style.

Choosing your colour scheme

We recommend sticking to a two-colour theme. This will help the overall look stay cohesive and reduce the likelihood of clashing colours. For example, say you choose green and white. The shade of the green (how saturated the colour is) and the value (how dark it is) can change however you like – as long as it stays green. Green will boost your likelihood of learning new cooking techniques and white will command a clean, hygienic cooking environment.

If you’ve decided to go for a bold, concentrated colour, then use it sparingly. Overpowering your kitchen with one saturated colour will overwhelm any other emotions in the space. If you want a kitchen that makes a statement, choose a saturated colour for your high gloss kitchen cupboards, but make the walls and countertops a muted, gentle colour.

The colour of your kitchen will influence your choice of food as well as your psyche, so choose carefully. The following is a list of common colours and what emotional reactions they generate, but going with your gut feeling is a good idea. Your brain will automatically choose the colour that is the least stressful for you.

Colours and what they mean


Brown is a great colour to inspire feelings of home. In feng shui teachings, brown is said to be the colour of the earth, so it grounds you. Pair it with a light blue to inspire natural harmony between earth and water. Be careful not to use too much brown in your decorating, as large amounts can feel monotonous.


Bright red is an energetic, passionate colour that will fill your cooking with love and passion and help you create dishes that show off your heart and soul. Why not go with a high-gloss, funky red for your appliances to help you whip up a storm of hearty, feel-good food?


Similar to red but without the emotional weight, orange will give you the energy you need to achieve your culinary dreams – orange gives people more energy and inspires a playful creativity. It is a particularly good option if you have kids, as it will help them feel more relaxed in the kitchen and get them excited about helping out.


Grey will give your kitchen a cool, elegant feel. More impersonal than other colours, it will encourage a calm, neutral frame of mind. For those whole live in cold areas, a pure grey kitchen can be warmed up with a hint of colour. If you are looking for something with more pop, grey is a great partner in crime with bright primary colours.


Be careful when using pure white as your main colour. Although it inspires good hygiene, white can be overpowering. A pure white kitchen will exude confidence and precision while you cook. We like to add a wooden texture to large white surface areas, as wood introduces a friendlier, more welcoming tone to your decor.


A wave of calm will overcome you when you choose blue, so it’s a great choice for those who are uncertain in the kitchen. If you don’t take your food to seriously and just want to whip up something simple, then blue is your best choice. As the colour of dreamers, cooking will be a peaceful delight.


If you don’t like the pizazz of red or the tranquillity of blue, green will serve you well. Throughout history, the colour green has been used to symbolise growth. Use your green kitchen decor as a tool to keep you on your toes in the kitchen and inspire you to create new dishes.

If you’re ready to update your kitchen with colour, replacement kitchen doors are a great place to start. Check out our range or get in touch with us today to find out more.

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Kitchen designs trends for 2018

2017 is coming to a close, so it’s time to look forward and see what 2018 will bring us in terms of interior design styles for our kitchen space. Shapes, colours, functionality and materials seem to be on course to set the tone for kitchen design trends in the coming year.

Below, we’ve rounded up the top six design trends expected to soar in 2018, so you can get a head start and be one of the trendsetters.

1. Darker floors

Regardless of the style of flooring you choose for your kitchen, whether it be tile, stone or even carpet, darker colours are the go-to choice. A dark floor goes wonderfully with lighter walls, as it helps up the cosy factor of a room. You could even add the addition of furniture ‘feet’, to give cabinets a softer and more custom feel.

2. Two-toned kitchens

Two-toned kitchens and warm, natural colour selections, such as copper, clay, gold, ginger and henna, are increasing in popularity. Colours inspired by nature are expected to make a strong stand next season, from the green hues of the wilderness to the terracotta coloured soil. Invest in made to measure, natural colour kitchen doors to create both an economical and contemporary solution.

3. Dark coloured kitchens

The dark colour trend is still hot for 2018, and a colour to watch out for is dramatic plum, from the purple palette. Dark colours also work well with brighter or lighter tones for kitchen designs, and offer visually appealing levels of contrasting colour. You could always add a subtle impact with a dark coloured kitchen splash back.

4. Design from the ground up

Start with your flooring and work your way up. Try new tiling trends and bring in blends of Moroccan and geometric style. You can even design your own kitchen floor tiles, if you wish. With so many new flooring trends available, you’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of both style and material. Be sure to colour coordinate your floor and kitchen cabinets so they slightly off-set each other. High gloss kitchen cabinets are a great way to do this.

5. Smart storage

Regardless of whether you have a large or small kitchen, we all like to have a less-cluttered room, and using smart storage options is the ideal way to achieve this. Add a hot drinks corner to your space by creating a strategic cabinet with doors and shelves that are built over a worktop, or hide appliances when they’re not in use by using sliding doors.

6. Innovative lighting

Lighting is the tool used to create an atmosphere in a home space – including your kitchen. Depending on the style you’ve decided to go for, there are many lighting fixtures in the modern kitchen to choose from. 2018 is going to see a variety of lighting shapes take the stage, from recessed and suspended to LED profile and adjustable. We expect to see a winning combination of vintage and antique style lighting, in the form of chandeliers and lamps, and a modern kitchen space. It’s this contrast that makes for a wonderful and unique kitchen design. Whatever style of lighting you choose, commit to this one style to create consistency throughout the space.

If you’re interested in replacement kitchen doors to start spicing up your kitchen for 2018, then check out our full range online. Our doors come in a wide range of colours and grains, so you are guaranteed to find made to measure doors that are perfect for your kitchen interior style. Get in touch with us today with any questions or queries.

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Quick tips to design a better kitchen

If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen, consider these quick tips to design a better kitchen.

1. Eliminate wasted movement

While a spacious kitchen is nice, you want to design it so that you don’t have to keep crossing it to fulfil simple tasks. If your dishwasher is a long way from your cupboards, then you’ll get sick of making the trip back and forth all the time.

2. Build in space for cooking

Paths through the kitchen should be plenty wide enough for people to pass behind you while you’re cooking. Adding that breakfast island in may seem like a good idea, but it won’t when you get knocked as people walk by.

3. Separate the cooker from walkways

Separating cooking appliances from walkways will keep everyone safer. As a simple rule, the cooker should be somewhere that only the cook needs to access.

4. Avoid corners in the cupboards

Corners waste space immediately because you will never reach into the back corners. Avoid corners to make all your dishes easily accessible.

5. Plan the uses of different elements

A kitchen island can be used for cooking or for eating, but it shouldn’t be used for both. This will just lead to you piling the cooking tools to one side when it is time to eat and will be less pleasant for everyone.

6. Create separation

Separating the kitchen off from the rest of the house will help you to contain smells and have some quiet space while you are cooking. Install made to measure kitchen doors to create distinct spaces that can be opened or closed as you desire.

7. Keep cooking items close

Creating shelving near the oven for useful cooking ingredients like salt, oil, pepper and chillies will make seasoning dishes much easier.

8. Swing out taps

A swing-out tap next to the cooker can allow you to fill up pots and pans with ease. No more will you need to lug a pan of water across the kitchen.

9. Keep sharp items high

Keep knives out of reach of children and design the kitchen with a magnetic strip to hang the knives just where you need them.

10. Make recycling easy

Recycling with three different types of bins can be a nightmare. Make this easier by building the bins into the kitchen in the places where you are likely to need them. Make your glass and can recycling easy to reach so guests can stick empties straight in at a dinner party.

11. Plug in

Install plenty of sockets in the kitchen so you can always charge a phone and plug the mixer in where it is needed.

12. Make cleaning easier

Design your kitchen to be easy to clean with smooth surfaces. Remember that lips will catch dirt and opt for rounded edges on smooth surfaced sides. This will make the post-prep wipe down much, much easier.

13. Add stylish detailing

Think about the overall look of the kitchen and plan in exciting features. These can be worked into your replacement kitchen doors and into other woodwork or stonework that will be on show in the kitchen.

14. Use the right colours

Depending on the size of your kitchen, you will want to use different colours. A small kitchen will benefit from light colours, but dark colours can look great in a big kitchen. Consider the kitchen size in picking the colour of the paint.

15. Design a focal point

Your kitchen should have a focal point. Think of something eye-catching and design this into your kitchen. This feature will be the point that jumps out at everyone when you show off your brand new functional kitchen design.

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Winter design trends for your kitchen

If you’ve been thinking of updating your kitchen design, then now is the perfect time to do so. Winter is approaching fast and what comes with it is a variety of wonderful design trends that can transform your kitchen from drab to fabulous. To help give you some inspiration, we’ve listed the top kitchen design trends to try this winter season.

1. Quirky lighting

Lighting has the ability to transform a room and it’s certainly a great way to update your current kitchen design or highlight your new trends. Consider lighting as an accessory for your home; it’s the perfect way to showcase your sensibility and unique design. Try lighting that will bring a cosy atmosphere to your kitchen. A trick is to take the lighting that makes your living area comfortable and incorporate it into your kitchen design. If you want to add some extra winter sparkle during the Christmas period, you could even try adding fairy lights around the kitchen doors or worktops.

2. Colour blocking

If you can’t decide on your favourite colour for your kitchen walls, then why not opt for a selection of your favourites? Colour blocking is the perfect way to the winter blues and you can put a couple of contrasting shades together for extra impact. For example, choose a base colour for your walls and then bring in brighter colours via high gloss kitchen doors in shades of red, blue or even green.

3. Bring nature to you

The outdoors are some of our favourite aspects of winter: the cold winter colours, the crisp weather and the changing scenery. So why not bring nature into your kitchen design? Think stunning jute rugs, organic ceramics, linen tablecloths and woven lampshades. This trend is all about incorporating different styles of natural elements, and colours you should opt for include soft creams, off-whites, and a wide range of dark shades, such as dark slate and grey.

4. Statement ceilings

You’ve probably heard of accent walls, but perhaps not an accent ceiling. Homeowners have started to add texture to the often overlooked “fifth wall” of the kitchen. Whether it’s tin or embossed foam ceiling tile, textured wallpaper, a bold paint colour or even wooden beams, you’re spoilt for choice when updating this element of your kitchen.

5. Creating a cosy atmosphere

We often associate winter with being warm and cosy: hot chocolates, lots of hearty food and fluffy blankets. A popular trend is to try and ignite these feelings within your kitchen and it’s entirely possible. Try adding velvet style seat covers to your chairs and add a vintage, cosy rug to your floor to keep the feet warm. Also, try lighting candles around the room to enhance the atmosphere.

6. Add wooden elements

Wood is a popular winter kitchen design trend. Wooden features will also look fabulous all year round, so if it’s something you try for winter and you come to love it, there is no reason why you can’t keep it for the rest of the year and beyond! Try wooden dining tables, wooden worktops, or even wooden shelving. This will help create a traditional yet rustic atmosphere and may leave you wanting to spend more time in the kitchen!

If you’re looking for high-quality made to measure kitchen doors in a vast range of colours to transform your kitchen design, check out our range online today or get in touch to find out how we can help you with replacement kitchen doors.

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How to update your kitchen on a budget

Who wouldn’t want to save the pounds and pennies without compromising on the end results? We’d think everyone; especially in the early months of the year when most bank balances have taken a beating due to over spends during Christmas.

But if you’re still thinking of updating your kitchens without making a massive dent in your finances, look no further. Follow these easy steps for an easy and inexpensive way to a new kitchen.

Never underestimate the power of lighting.

Just a few changes in your kitchen lighting could make a big difference to the space. Remove any harsh overhead lights and either replace them with soft focus lights or invest in some nice new fixtures and shades. Make sure that work surfaces are well illuminated. Use LED lights cleverly or under lights to create warm, glowing interiors, taking care to direct focus away from any scratches or wear and tear on the walls and surfaces.

Details like doors and handles make all the difference.

You’d be surprised to see how small changes can make a big difference. Simply changing the kitchen door handles on your kitchen drawers can give a new breath of life to the interiors. If you can stretch the budget just a tiny bit more, get new door and drawer fronts in complementary colours and see how quickly it feels like a brand new kitchen!

Splurge on glass splashbacks instead of a whole new kitchen.

printed-glass-splashbacksSplashbacks are a quick, easy and relatively inexpensive way to completely update your kitchen interiors. You can choose to go for solid colours, either matching or complementary. Or choose from a wide range of prints and designs. Glass splashbacks are easy to clean and suitable to use even on the surfaces and walls near the hob. They give you a fuss free and durable way to update your kitchen interiors.

Splash on just a bit of paint.

You don’t have to decorate all the walls, but if there’s any blank wall, try painting it in a contrasting colour and see how it livens your interiors. Little pops of colour can add vibrancy without overwhelming the décor. Don’t be afraid to go for bright shades – smaller surfaces do well with them. Contrasting or complimentary colours both work equally well.

Pick a picture or some nice wallpaper.

Hang a suitable painting or print and see how it makes a big difference. We’d normally suggest you choose frames with glass, rather than canvas paintings as it’s easier to clean any grease or food splashes off them.

Pick a nice patterned wallpaper to update your interiors, though we’d suggest you only did a few of the walls for this to be cost effective. Like the paint, you could get away with lively patterns, especially if you were only papering one or two walls.

Floor everyone with some small changes.

You’ve done the walls, the cupboards and everything at eye level but what about the floors? Kitchen floors can get worn out easily due to hot spills, lack of carpets and sharp knives dropping on them. But don’t rip up all the lino. Play it smart and update it to where it’s visible – till the plinth of your cupboards. If there are any visible lines, smooth them over with cleverly placed small rugs and area mats. If you have old floor boards give them some love and attention. You’d be surprised how scrubbing them down and rubbing them with some oil and wax can make them look like new.

Try any or all of these and see how your kitchen looks as good as new. We agree that the process is a little more involved, as you have to go through all these steps one at a time, rather than just calling in a kitchen expert to do it all for you. However, splitting the project into these small steps can also make a big difference to the budget, and remove any hidden costs. Most importantly, there’s the satisfaction of knowing that you did it economically but beautifully. Proving yet again that you don’t have to spend loads to get great results.