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How to update your kitchen on a budget

Who wouldn’t want to save the pounds and pennies without compromising on the end results? We’d think everyone; especially in the early months of the year when most bank balances have taken a beating due to over spends during Christmas.

But if you’re still thinking of updating your kitchens without making a massive dent in your finances, look no further. Follow these easy steps for an easy and inexpensive way to a new kitchen.

Never underestimate the power of lighting.

Just a few changes in your kitchen lighting could make a big difference to the space. Remove any harsh overhead lights and either replace them with soft focus lights or invest in some nice new fixtures and shades. Make sure that work surfaces are well illuminated. Use LED lights cleverly or under lights to create warm, glowing interiors, taking care to direct focus away from any scratches or wear and tear on the walls and surfaces.

Details like doors and handles make all the difference.

You’d be surprised to see how small changes can make a big difference. Simply changing the kitchen door handles on your kitchen drawers can give a new breath of life to the interiors. If you can stretch the budget just a tiny bit more, get new door and drawer fronts in complementary colours and see how quickly it feels like a brand new kitchen!

Splurge on glass splashbacks instead of a whole new kitchen.

printed-glass-splashbacksSplashbacks are a quick, easy and relatively inexpensive way to completely update your kitchen interiors. You can choose to go for solid colours, either matching or complementary. Or choose from a wide range of prints and designs. Glass splashbacks are easy to clean and suitable to use even on the surfaces and walls near the hob. They give you a fuss free and durable way to update your kitchen interiors.

Splash on just a bit of paint.

You don’t have to decorate all the walls, but if there’s any blank wall, try painting it in a contrasting colour and see how it livens your interiors. Little pops of colour can add vibrancy without overwhelming the décor. Don’t be afraid to go for bright shades – smaller surfaces do well with them. Contrasting or complimentary colours both work equally well.

Pick a picture or some nice wallpaper.

Hang a suitable painting or print and see how it makes a big difference. We’d normally suggest you choose frames with glass, rather than canvas paintings as it’s easier to clean any grease or food splashes off them.

Pick a nice patterned wallpaper to update your interiors, though we’d suggest you only did a few of the walls for this to be cost effective. Like the paint, you could get away with lively patterns, especially if you were only papering one or two walls.

Floor everyone with some small changes.

You’ve done the walls, the cupboards and everything at eye level but what about the floors? Kitchen floors can get worn out easily due to hot spills, lack of carpets and sharp knives dropping on them. But don’t rip up all the lino. Play it smart and update it to where it’s visible – till the plinth of your cupboards. If there are any visible lines, smooth them over with cleverly placed small rugs and area mats. If you have old floor boards give them some love and attention. You’d be surprised how scrubbing them down and rubbing them with some oil and wax can make them look like new.

Try any or all of these and see how your kitchen looks as good as new. We agree that the process is a little more involved, as you have to go through all these steps one at a time, rather than just calling in a kitchen expert to do it all for you. However, splitting the project into these small steps can also make a big difference to the budget, and remove any hidden costs. Most importantly, there’s the satisfaction of knowing that you did it economically but beautifully. Proving yet again that you don’t have to spend loads to get great results.